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Headshot of Catherine Vu for About Page


Catherine discovered yoga in 2004 and what initially started as a physical workout quickly, evolved into a deeply enriching form of meditation. In 2017, she began using it as a counter balance to indoor rock climbing, helping increase her flexibility, reach, and strength. 


During this time, Catherine worked in the fast paced tech startup industry, where the environment took a toll on her health. Feeling disconnected from her passions, she went back to her roots and returned to exploring yoga as a way to find balance and peace. Under Richard Rosen, Yoko Yoshikawa, and Annie Carpenter’s guidance, Catherine’s took her asana practice to new heights, honing her attention to detail and exploring transformative powers of pranayama breathing techniques. 


Driven by her passion to help others find the same inner peace and balance yoga has brought to her own life, Catherine left tech to pursue a career in yoga. She is dedicated to creating inclusive safe spaces where students can explore their yoga practice. Through her teachings, Catherine aims to inspire and uplift others, helping them to align their body, mind, and soul. Join her on the mat, open your senses, and child's curiosity to the healing energy of yoga.


"I had the best private session with Catherine. We first discussed the goals I wanted to accomplish and the aches and pains on my body. The entire session was tailored specifically to my goals and the way my body worked. I loved the one-on-one attention because it allowed me to freely ask questions without worrying about disrupting others in a class setting. I had been having sleep issues prior to yoga. After my first full hour session with Catherine and experiencing the most relaxing "yoga-brain", I finally had a full night’s rest! It was truly a wonderful experience and I can't wait to do it again!"

Ada Y.

Catherine posing in a revolved head to knee pose in san francisco on the beach
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